They said ‘’watch the water’’.

And as you know, water is always here and always flowing from one form to another, one place to another, provide everything the building blocks it needs so it can grow in what they potentially already are. Water will never leave, it’s always here no matter how much you use, it will stay here on planet earth.

And if you let it flow, it can give life to everything. Flowing is the key, no flow no life, too much flow and it destroys life, natural flow and you get the circle of life itself.

Water is an infrastructure that can hold many different identities, it’s a technology itself that is neutral but as soon as you use it, it will transform into the building block you need.

The financial system is like water, but you have to let it flow, and in the past, there were many people that stopped the flowing, so more and more things stopped and were broken down because it was hard to get the building blocks.

The old banking system, taxation, and many global businesses have attracted and suck out the financial life of almost everything, but it wasn’t gone it was just stored by people that have a scarcity mindset.

The New Financial System QFS

And with the QFS, which stands for the ‘’Quantum Financial System’’ we will transform this abundance in a new fresh flowing time and that’s the reason many people know that we enter ‘’The Golden Age’’

Welcome to a new era of flowing!

About the PUVIDA Movement

We are in the flowing system business.

Abundance is everywhere, always was & always will.

In a world where people are free, everything will flow organically. There is an enormous balance in the universe if you stop blocking the flow. Governments, banks, laws, protectionism, and guidelines blocked flowing and therefore created anti-flow and problems, the problems disappear if you let it flow.​

Protectionism is a fear-based mindset, turn it into trust and you will enter a world that is based on unconditional love!

An era of unconditional love in every form.

CEO & founder PUVIDA Group. Digital organic fertile soil creator & farmer. The PUVIDA Movement is a place for the new seeds of the new paradigm.